Wednesday, December 18, 2013

About Me (1)

December 18 2013 (7days to Christmas!)
   Hi! My name is Ho Matsuoka Evangelista Miyuki Sophia that's a long name so just call me Sophia. :)

    I enjoy swimming and track and field, which was my CCA in primary school:).  Speaking of primary schools, I came from Fuhua Primary, it's a school in the west of Singapore. Basically, I like moving around, so I intend to join the cross country CCP at SST. Btw. if you're wondering where this cute dog came from, it's a mascot of Yomiuri land (an amusement park in Tokyo, Japan) :)
    I like spicy food, Thai food, Indian Curries (my family goes to Little India almost every week to get curries from there :D), Japanese food, Chinese food, Malay food and western food. Mostly all types of food. Oh and did I forget to mention ice cream and pizza? I love ice cream and pizza!
    I may be a bit shy at first but I'm actually very adventurous and open-minded. But I must warn you, I may seem a bit weird to some of you.

    And this is where I say good bye, I hope I gave enough info :). Bye and I hope we become friends, to whoever's reading this :D